Spy Gear Products You Will Sure Love


One of the famous movie series all over the world since decades ago is about a spy fighting against various criminals. It has sparked the interest of millions of spy enthusiasts. Due to the marketing potential created by spy enthusiasts, there are a lot of spy gear products being developed and distributed in the market. These spy gears combine simplicity with advanced technology giving people the opportunity to live their spy dream. If you are a spy enthusiast, you will surely love these following spy gear products.

  1. Pen camera – Pen is one of the most common items being carried by a lot of people especially in the office. A pen camera allows you to take pictures and even videos without anyone knowing. This is a standard spy gadget.
  1. Glasses camera – Glasses camera from https://007spygear.com/ is popularized by a lot of spy movies. It is even less conspicuous than the pen camera as you simply get a picture or video on what you can see with your eye. You do not have to forcibly adjust the position of the camera which is often the case for pen camera.
  1. Spy watch – Spy watch has a camera function to capture photos and videos. It also allows you to transfer audio and video files to your laptop or computer without the need of USB or driver. This is a perfect gadget when going out in the public or attending a meeting.
  1. GSM audio bug – You want to intercept the calls of your target? Use the GSM audio bug and all the target’s calls are diverted to your phone as long as you are within the range of the audio bug. Another use for this is an anti-burglar prevention for your car. Any illegal attempt can let the audio bug call your phone from the car. Learn more about spies at http://edition.cnn.com/2016/12/08/health/cayla-ique-ftc-complaint-trnd/.
  1. USB keylogger – You want to intercept private information such as username and password? Attach the USB keylogger to the computer you want to spy on and you will get all the saved key logs once you download the file to your own computer.
  1. Nano wireless earpiece – This is the latest wireless earpiece available in the market. It cannot be detected even by security check as it hides perfectly near your eardrum and have to be removed using magnet. This is perfect for spying purposes on closed meetings.
  1. RC copter with camera – You want to spy in a property from hundreds of meters up in the air? Get the latest RC copter with high definition camera. It can capture high definition video while thousands of feet above the ground.

Now you can display the spy in you with these amazing spy gear products from https://007spygear.com/categories/Spy-Cameras/.